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When our technology-savvy client was planning his wedding, he realized he could build a better system to manage the many RSVPs he would receive. Once 10bet sports bettinghe’d successfully created the application, he offered it to others and his business was born.

The company came to Kirschbaum when they realized the freelance developers they were working with weren’t giving them everything they needed. We were brought 10bet sports bettingon to smooth out development operations, institute industry best practices and standards, and help fulfill the company’s vision for growing the application.

  • Updated and stabilized the current platform.
  • Re-wrote the application to allow for increased flexibility and added features.
  • Created a responsive 10bet sports betting appform system that accounts for inventory tracking and premium selections.
  • Designed a dashboard analytics tool that organizes data of attendees and their different selections.
  • Built a system for creating custom event pages.
  • Mentored and trained the in-house development team.
10bet online sports bettingServices Provided
Planning / specification
Software architecture
Laravel development

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Throughout our 5-year relationship with this client, we provided strategic mentoring and created a powerful new version 10bet online sports bettingof this application. The collaboration resulted in a dynamic platform and a skilled internal team that will serve the company well for years to come.

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