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By Rob Fonseca

Leveraging a robust framework like Laravel enables us to provide our clients with business solutions at a pace that wasn’t possible before. We’ve been fans since we started working with it in 2013 and, having seen the value it brings to their business, our clients are fans as well. Here are the things we love about it as developers and why you’ll love it too.

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When we explain to people what Laravel is and why developers prefer it for building new applications and maintaining existing ones, we analogize it to a modular house. The development framework gives us the structure, walls, plumbing, and wiring so we can focus on writing business logic. 10bet reviewAll the tools we need, such as user authentication, security, testing, and templating are built right into the framework along with simple ways to access them. If your development team uses the right tools, they’re more efficient – which means fewer billable hours to reach your goals and a real savings for your bottom line.

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One of the reasons Laravel quickly took off in popularity when it came to market is that it simplified key language complexities and adherence to best practices. The developer experience became simple and elegant. When code is easy to read, it’s easier to maintain and makes it easier to onboard new developers quickly. It also makes adding new features or upgrading more straight-forward.

Laravel also excels because 10bet mobile betting appof its thorough documentation. Knowing how to use the tools it provides is essential to keeping your application maintainable as it grows. Imagine the frustration you feel when you try to put together a piece of furniture with a poor set of instructions. Laravel avoids this struggle by including clean documentation that keeps the code easy to understand even as the application’s complexity grows. Not only do developers love this, but it also translates into major cost savings for the business.


In use for almost a decade, Laravel is a mature framework. Its version upgrades are typically focused on new features to make coding even easier versus monumental structure changes that could require significant cost and time. Ensuring the stability of applications 10bet mobile betting appthat run critical parts of your business reduces the potential for issues that could arise from frameworks that are less established and prone to frequent changes.

The strength of the community is another aspect that adds to Laravel’s stability. Thousands of developers have adopted Laravel since the framework was born, and all of us have been contributing to the growth of the community through educational courses, open source contributions, and paid packages to leverage. At Kirschbaum, we love doing our part as a contributor to help ensure its longevity.

Businesses also benefit from having access to a diverse ecosystem of high quality development companies and extremely capable developers. This is a stark comparison to other technologies and platforms where resourcing 10bet sports betting appoptions are often limiting.


In a world where we hear almost daily of data breaches, application security is one of the main concerns for developers and businesses. Laravel is widely considered to be one of the most secure frameworks available. It gives developers important tools like its authentication system, encryption algorithm, and SQL injection prevention, among others, to ensure sensitive data and critical systems remain secure.

Of course, application security is only one part of the equation for ensuring a robust security posture. Because Laravel is used by some of the biggest companies in the world, there are many core features and add-on packages that provide enterprise-grade best practices and tools at little or no cost.


Our clients love Laravel because 10bet online sports bettingit enables them to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Laravel is a powerful tool that helps modern teams build highly customized and secure solutions. It does this without compromising maintainability or future flexibility.

Having Laravel as a solid foundation to start from allows us to stay focused on what matters most to your business – delivering well-designed and stable applications that will contribute to your success for years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Laravel can help bring your project to life, we’d love to speak with you.

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