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By Ben Burrell

We're excited to announce that Kirschbaum is Filament's official development agency partner!

If you've used Filament, you know how useful a tool it is for Laravel development. If you're unfamiliar, Filament is a collection of beautiful 10bet reviewfull-stack components built with the TALL stack that offers the perfect starting point for app development. From panel, table, and form builders to actions, widgets, and notifications, Filament's components deliver a well-designed framework for your Laravel app.

With Dan Harrin as a member of the Kirschbaum team, and Filament’s ability to accelerate the delivery 10bet sports bettingof scalable web apps, we see this as a perfect partnership. Through our relationship with Filament, Kirschbaum will supply broader project consultation and development services to clients using or intrigued by the framework. We're continually impressed by Dan Harrin and the Filament team's ongoing work as its community grows, and we’re thrilled to sponsor Dan and his 10bet online sports bettingwork through Kirschbaum.

A longtime Laravel partner, the Kirschbaum team gets products and services to market quickly, while anticipating the need to scale and adapt as business requirements evolve. As an early Filament adopter and promoter, Kirschbaum has leveraged the tool on large, complex projects for fast, scalable, and impactful development that delivers results.

10bet sports betting app"As the official development agency of Filament, we are thrilled to make this commitment to Dan, Filament, and the Laravel community by providing Dan dedicated time and resources to build the Filament platform. We see this as a great opportunity to continue our investment in the open source community. We’ve seen a significant increase in large and enterprise projects choosing Filament.” - Nathan Kirschbaum

"Since the beginning, I've wanted Filament to serve the Laravel community in the best way it can. This partnership with Kirschbaum really backs that promise, allowing me to sustainably dedicate time to it every day. I believe the users of this open source package will start to feel the benefits too, with faster responses to bug reports and more frequent new 10bet reviewfeatures." - Dan Harrin

Ben Burrell
Director of Marketing
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10bet sports betting app

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